About the Elementary Program

Our Elementary program consists of a Lower Elementary group (1st through 3rd year students) and an Upper Elementary group (4th through 6th year students). All Elementary students benefit from sharing a large, combined classroom with access to the entire Elementary curriculum.

The Montessori Elementary program offers individualized instruction, which means that the child may work and be helped on an individual basis. Individualized learning establishes more intimate contact among the child, the teacher, and the work. Montessori individualized instruction deals in the concrete. The program permits a variety of approaches, using at every turn dynamic and colorful manipulatives, which materialize abstract principles. These beautiful concrete materials are used throughout the entire curriculum, including math, reading, grammar, writing, spelling, geography, history, natural and general science.

Educational objectives of the Montessori Elementary Program include:

Physical Goals
  • Developing a body whose movements are mastered and controlled.
  • Developing the fine coordination necessary for writing and manipulation of materials.
  • Learning sports that can be enjoyed into adulthood.
Emotional Skills
  • An awareness of one’s own feelings.
  • Sensitivity to and consideration for the feelings of others.
  • An awareness of one’s effect on others.
Emotional Goal
  • Developing a positive self-image.
Intellectual Skills
  • The mastery of the necessary tools or skills (such as reading, writing, etc.) in order to be able to pursue knowledge.
  • An understanding of how to find information and use various media, including correct use of a computer, printer, and the internet.
Intellectual Goal
  • To become a learner who is independent of the adult.
Content Goals
  • An understanding of the evolution of life and a person’s relationship with his environment.
  • An understanding that all people have the same basic needs and appreciation for the variety of ways in which those needs are met.
  • An awareness of the interdependence of humankind and nature, with a responsible feeling toward an ecological whole.
  • An awareness of the interdependence of people and nations, with a desire for cooperation and peace.

Why Choose OMMS?

Our Montessori Approach
Our Montessori Approach

The Montessori Approach is based upon the lifelong work of Dr. Maria Montessori, who made the observation that every child spontaneously wants to learn.

Our Exceptional Faculty
Our Exceptional Faculty

Our staff is comprised of many talented people. Each of us is dedicated to perpetuating the Montessori philosophy for the benefit of children. Our goal for your child is to develop curiosity and love for learning.

Our Beautiful Campus
Our Beautiful Campus

The OMMS campus just across the road from Collins Hill High School in Lawrenceville, Georgia – located in Gwinnett County.

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