The OMMS Family Community works together to make real and lasting improvements to our school.

Children thrive best when school and family work together. In fact, the three sides of the triangle in our logo represent the school, the family, and the prepared Montessori environment with the child (represented by the tree) in the center. At OMMS, we encourage every family to volunteer their time, talents, and resources to enrich our school community. Here are some ways you can support our children in having an even better school experience:

Classroom Coordinators

Two or three parent / guardians per class work with the guides to coordinate special classroom projects and activities and to organize family participation, as needed, for these special events.

Volunteer Substitutes

Volunteering to substitute at the school is a great way to learn more about Montessori and how the children learn.  OMMS will coordinate getting the required GA DECAL Bright from the Start Comprehensive Records Check and specialized training. Volunteer subs fill in when regular classroom staff are unable to be in the classroom and can observe our Montessori Magic firsthand!

Earth Group

This is a fun group for parents with a green thumb or those people who just like to play in the dirt. This group will help beautify the school environment by organizing Fall and Spring clean-up and planting of the school grounds. These parents also assist the children with their gardening efforts in the classrooms’ raised beds, and participate in recycling projects.

Classroom Listener

Classroom Listeners work with lead guides to visit their child’s classroom regularly and listen to students as they practice reading.

Community Enrichment

This group is for those who have a big heart. The goal of this group is to organize students and parents to assist in giving back to the community. Efforts like food and clothing drives are among the events this group will organize. This group has also made cards for the infants in the Scottish Rite neonatal ICU and assembled care packages for seniors in need, and soldiers serving overseas.

Yearbook Staff

Our yearbook staff take pictures in the classrooms and at special school events. They also work on the planning, editing, layout, and design of the annual OMMS yearbook.


This group recognizes special situations, such as births, illnesses, and deaths, and addresses them appropriately to help the community express their excitement or sorrow. In addition, they plan several informal gatherings during the school year, such as visits to the park or library, family dinner night, and trips to special events.


Help to beautify our school environment by organizing clean-up and planting on the school grounds, assist the children with maintaining their classroom courtyards, provide recycling education, and help implement recycling programs at the school.

Special Event Coordination

OMMS Families plan, organize, and carry out several events each year, with a staff advisor who helps ensure the events remain consistent with Montessori and OMMS values.

Going Out Drivers

Part of the elementary curriculum is for students to have the opportunity to “go out” into the community for additional learning opportunities and drivers will be needed. Parent drivers require a GA DECAL Bright from the Start Comprehensive Records Check coordinated by OMMS and a Motor Vehicle Report from GA Department of Driver Services.

Social Media Support

Parents who have photography or design skills are needed to help us create a strong social media presence to both educate current families and to attract new families who are knowledgeable about the Montessori system of education.

Other skills you have to offer

What hobbies or skills do you possess that you would like to share with our school community? Let us know and we are happy to have you support our school in whatever way you can!

All OMMS Family volunteers are required to complete a 2-Hour Training Session. Volunteer Substitutes will require additional sessions.

Why Choose OMMS?

Our Montessori Approach
Our Montessori Approach

The Montessori Approach is based upon the lifelong work of Dr. Maria Montessori, who made the observation that every child spontaneously wants to learn.

Our Exceptional Faculty
Our Exceptional Faculty

Our staff is comprised of many talented people. Each of us is dedicated to perpetuating the Montessori philosophy for the benefit of children. Our goal for your child is to develop curiosity and love for learning.

Our Beautiful Campus
Our Beautiful Campus

The OMMS campus sits on 5 acres of wooded land, conveniently located next to Collins Hill Park in Lawrenceville.

See Oak Meadow in action. Schedule a visit.

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